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Assisted Living and Modern Times: Almost A Musical - 2 One Act Plays

By David Laing Dawson 

Assisted Living Anne, an aging thespian and English teacher, now in her mid eighties and recently widowed, is determined to maintain her independence and stay in the house she shared with Poppy. Her daughter Katherine arrives with groceries and a determination to help, organize, be sensible, and plan for the future, only to find her less-than-reliable brother has been there before her. With a wry sense of humour, Dawson explores a few of the issues of family and aging that face us all.

Modern Times, Almost a Musical   70 minute one act play Lost souls, smart phones, unattended packages. Saints, sinners, and an angel on call. A play that asks the question, “Is it possible to love Rob Ford and Mike Duffy at the same time, and, if not, well, who wants that last piece of pumpkin pie?”

Modern Times was first performed in Nov. 2013 at the The Pearl Company, Hamilton, Ontario and then at  the 2014  Fringe Festival Hamilton : July 17 - 27 at Gallery on the Bay

Assisted Living was performed at the Gallery on the Bay in December 2014

As the Hamilton Spectator said, "it's an engaging look at a mother and daughter attempting to put salve on a bruised relationship".

Dawson is also the author of two other one act plays published together by Bridgeross - Here Not There which was performed at the Hamilton Fringe Festival and Walter a docudrama originally done as a film which has been screened at various film festivals and on TV Ontario. See http://bridgeross.com/dawson.html

Bridgeross also publishes 4 of Dawson's novels and The Adolescent Owner's Guide - a non fiction book for parents of teens.

Reviews of Other Dawson Books:

"Dawson's vital characters and the ambiance of his city and the institutional scenes earn him respect as the author of both a superb mystery and a compelling novel" - Publishers Weekly

"Last Rights is simply a gem, an engaging and intelligent mystery from an author who can handle both characterization and suspense with equal deftness" - Vancouver Sun

".... a medical mindblower. Dawson proves a surehanded competitor of Robin Cook" - Publishers Weekly

"This is a fast paced book with a terrific idea at its heart" - The Globe and Mail

"Last Rights lets us inside the heads and hearts of a few wonderful and fully formed characters" - The Boston Globe

"Dawson's understated sense of humor translates well to text. While there are a plethora of books available on parenting teens, his to-the-pointness recommends this for busy readers." Library Journal.

Assisted Living and Modern Times ISBN 978-1927637241, 134 pages, $12.95, is distributed by Ingram and is available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book sellers.